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Otter Wax Leather Care Kit

Otter Wax Leather Care Kit

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This product allows the everyday leather wearer to keep their leather goods looking good while also allowing them to create the leather look that they want. This kit contains all 4-Steps to comprehensive leather care. Based on the assertion that leather is skin, all Otter Wax Leather Care products are made with natural ingredients to ensure that all types of leather stay nourished, soft, and waterproof.


  • Saddle Soap 2oz
  • Leather Salve 2oz
  • Leather Oil 5oz
  • Boot Wax 2oz
  • Flannel Buffing Cloth

How to Use

Once absorbed, leather will appear cloudy. Use a cloth or horsehair brush to buff to a shine and create a natural sealant allowing leather to retain moisture and nutrients. Allow 10-20 minutes to fully absorb into leather. Temporary darkening may occur. This is completely normal, and original coloration is restored within a few days. Use Saddle Soap to gently clean your leather and remove stains. Use Leather Salve to restore softness and repair cracking. Use Leather Oil to polish and revive the natural shine. Use Boot Wax to protect and create a waterproof seal

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