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Otter Wax Smoothing Tool

Otter Wax Smoothing Tool

$ 2.67 $ 4.95

This product allows the everyday leather wearer to keep their leather goods looking good while also allowing them to create the leather look that they want. This is a great tool to have on hand when waxing up your fabrics.

How to use the Smoothing Tool

Once wax has been applied to the fabric, use the flat side of the tool to help press the wax deeper into the fabric to help create a better seal. The pointed edges of the tool can be used to remove any excess wax that may have accumulated in seams. Waxed fabrics typically develop creases over time. It's a matter of preference, but if you wish to remove these creases, you can do so easily by gently heating the fabric with a hair dryer, and using this tool to smooth the wax back into the fabric. Use the flat side to press the wax into the canvas in order to create an even seal. 

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